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Sailing-Classics Investment

With the idea of sailing yacht trips, Sailing-Classics has opened up a new, unique vacation segment between yacht sailing and cruising and is thus a pioneer in what is expected to be a stable long-term market for individual sea voyages on luxury yachts.

This is all the more true after coronavirus, as we have come out of the crisis with a bang.

To fully exploit this potential and also become much more sustainable, we want to build the three-master AEOLUS – the world’s first commercial “zero-emission” sailing yacht.

Become part of our team

Sailing-Classics Club Membership

You can become a member of the Sailing-Classics Club:

  • People who have supported Sailing-Classics in the long term
  • Investors and lenders of Sailing-Classics
  • Frequent bookers from Sailing-Classics

Club members of the Sailing Classics Club receive:

  • Increased repeat discount of 20% on the catalog price of the current SC catalog. (including rebooking discount and cannot be combined with other discounts)
  • Exclusive weeks that can only be booked by partners and club members.
  • Preferential waiting list place for trips already booked.
  • Extra information for club members
  • Club evening at Boot Düsseldorf
    and much more (all these benefits are subject to change)
  • Club benefits are only transferable to spouses/partners and their children, but not to other third parties.

Summer specials

Save the single occupancy surcharge when booking a cabin as a single traveler for all sailing trips in June, July and August this year!