Get out of the daily grind and into your new sailing boutique hotel.

The most beautiful sailing areas in the world


Set sail with the crew, take the helm or do nothing at all and let your mind wander. The large open deck area offers plenty of space for individual retreats.


Anyone who has ever watched the play of light on the waves from the large, open teak deck under the towering sails and seen how the mighty yacht glides through the sea with ease will never forget this special experience.


Dream vacation on board – CHRONOS and RHEA are among the 50 largest sailing yachts in the world and offer a sailing vacation that can otherwise only be experienced on private luxury yachts.
The casual yacht style, the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin with a spacious bed and private bathroom as well as a dedicated crew, including a private chef, ensure a special sailing experience and pure relaxation – right from the welcome drink on board.


Let our kitchen and our stewardesses and stewards on board spoil you!
After your first swim around the ship, you start the day with a sumptuous breakfast buffet. A light 2-course lunch follows at lunchtime. In the afternoon you will be spoiled with coffee and cake before our chef creates a 3-course menu in the evening. On the last evening, the culinary highlight awaits with the Captain’s Dinner.


Our sailing trips take you to breathtaking coastlines and historic places where you can experience the beauty of nature and immerse yourself in the local culture.

In addition to spontaneous beach visits, a variety of activities are possible – from SUP, wave kayaks and snorkeling to wakeboarding and water skiing behind our dinghies.

We have the answers for you


Even if you are traveling alone, you can book our sailing trips without any problems, because the relaxed atmosphere on board means that everyone quickly makes friends.
Single travelers can either book a bunk/bed in the low season and then accept that a second person of the same sex may be booked.
Alternatively, you can also book a cabin for guaranteed single use with a surcharge of 50% in the low season and 80% in the high season.

Help is always welcome and so you can – after instruction and under the supervision of the crew – take the helm, help with trimming, setting and stowing the sails and navigating.

Many of our guests are sailors and we have already had die-hard regatta or blue water sailors on board, who immediately lost their initial slight skepticism in view of the great sailing characteristics of RHEA, CHRONOS and KAIRÓS and some of them even wanted to sign on with us at the end of the trip.

If you like being on or near the water, if you enjoy sitting barefoot on the teak deck with the wind blowing around your nose, if you like watching the ever-changing play of light on the waves and the slowly passing coastline, then our type of sailing experience is just right for you.

Once experienced, many people do it again and again. It’s addictive.

Just give it a try, for example on a trial cruise or in one of the beginner areas, e.g. Sardinia/Corsica or Corfu & Ionian Islands.

CHRONOS and RHEA are about 20 times the size of a typical 44 foot (13 m) charter yacht normally sailed by 6-8 people. This means that each guest on board our ships has approximately the space of such a yacht to themselves.
The large open teak deck offers plenty of space to retreat, read a book or simply daydream and watch the passing scenery.

We sail about 4-6 hours a day. Afterwards, you can swim, snorkel, go to the beach, go on a shore excursion or take a stroll through a nearby harbor village. Everyone can – within certain limits – ‘do their own thing’ on board with us.

On the other hand, you are not alone on board and a certain degree of group compatibility is required, at least when eating together.
Experience has shown that the guests get on so easily that they often find it really difficult to part when they say goodbye and real friendships develop. Stress and problems remain on land.

Even large sailing yachts lean and rock more than a large cruise ship, but also much less than conventional charter yachts.

But for most people, it only takes a few hours for the vestibular system to get used to the movement of the ship. Only in about 0.5% of people does it take several days to get used to it and only then is it referred to as seasickness.

In addition, a sailing ship is supported on the one hand by the sails and on the other by the ballast keel, so the way it moves is much more comfortable than on a motorboat or ferry.

It is important to eat a normal diet that is not too heavy or contains histamine, plenty of vitamin C and, above all, to stay on deck for the first few hours and look at the – stable – horizon.

Our crew will be happy to advise you. Just in case, we recommend taking light medication against motion sickness.

If you are worried about getting seasick, book a trial cruise first or choose a “beginner’s area” in the Mediterranean Sea such as Sardinia – Corsica or Croatia/Corfu.

Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, motorized water sports and excursions organized by us are subject to a charge. We strive to offer all these things at moderate prices and are far below the prices of other cruises.
An average of 10% of the cruise price may serve as a guideline for the additional costs on board. However, individual consumer behavior is very different and the scope/cost of excursions also varies greatly depending on the area.

Here you will find a detailed PDF of the on-board ABCs

Your safety is our top priority, always and everywhere, and as a commercial shipping company we are very different from recreational sailors. It starts with the professional crew. The captain and helmsman must have completed a nautical college and could also drive a large cruise ship with their patents.

In addition, the deck crew must have a sailing qualification and ongoing safety training for crew and guests.

The ships themselves were built and tested according to the latest, very high Dutch safety requirements and are approved for worldwide travel. Despite their speed, they sail extremely stably and safely with hardly any water on deck – even in the heaviest weather. All our ships are inspected and approved annually by the authorized classification society (a kind of TÜV).

The extensive safety equipment, from life rafts to a 96 nm radar, an emergency generator, radar buoys (Epirb and Sart), satellite and radio systems as well as emergency medical equipment, fire protection systems and comprehensive emergency plans also contribute to the high safety standard. This equipment is also inspected annually. Just as important – should something happen: With us, all guests are insured according to the international standards for cruise and passenger ships and are not – as co-sailors – personally responsible, as is usual with charter yachts.

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