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Atlantic crossing

Crossing the Atlantic with SAILING-CLASSICS promises the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. On board large, safe yachts, accompanied by a professional crew, you can immerse yourself in the endless expanse of the ocean, far away from cell phone reception and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The glitter of the waves during the day, no land in sight and the endless starry sky at night accompany the majestic yachts as they rush through the waves at speeds of up to 12 knots.
Compared to the “barefoot” route from the Cape Verde or the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, which is less complicated thanks to the constant trade winds, the west-east route from Antigua to the Azores and on to Gibraltar is a more demanding trip in nautical terms. On this route, the captain must skillfully play with the pressure systems moving across the Atlantic to calculate the ideal course.
These voyages not only offer an impressive sailing adventure, but also the opportunity to rediscover yourself and forge deep connections with fellow sailors.

Arrival & Departure

You can travel comfortably to the ports in the Mediterranean Sea with the usual airlines. The best way to reach Cape Verde and the Azores is via Lisbon. The return journey from the Caribbean to Europe is usually via London or Paris. For the return crossing to the Mediterranean Sea, fly via London to Antigua. Depending on the duration of your trip, you should allow a buffer of 1-3 days for the return flight or book a rebookable ticket.

WIND & Weather

Sailing on the Atlantic is usually associated with the trade winds, which blow constantly in many parts. The weather can vary on long crossings, from calm conditions to heavy seas, and the influences of the Gulf Stream and crossing cold fronts require special attention. Up-to-date weather information is crucial for navigating through the various conditions in the Atlantic.


Marvel at the endless starry sky while sailing at night, far away from artificial lights and civilization, or stop for a swim in the middle of the endless Atlantic.

When the port of destination comes into view, having mastered the challenges of the crossing together with the crew, you are overcome with a sense of pride. Docking in the harbor and celebrating joint success create memories that last a lifetime.

Anyone leaving RHEA on their way back to the Mediterranean Sea in the Azores should definitely plan some time for this island world. Faial attracts visitors with the famous Peter Café Sport, the sailors’ meeting place in Horta, and Capelinhos, the youngest volcano in the Azores.
The Azores are an ideal destination for individual tourists, off the beaten track of mass tourism.

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