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Cape Verde

Cabo Verde, also known as the Green Cape, got its name from Portuguese sailors who finally came across vegetation after their long voyage along the African coast. In reality, however, most of these islands are often barren on the leeward side, and the tropical vegetation only begins in the upper areas of the mountain slopes, where trade wind clouds accumulate and rain down. These green slopes then extend through steep valleys on the windward side down to the coast. Bananas, sugar cane, manioc, breadfruit trees and much more thrive in these lush, green valleys.

Arrival & Departure

The best way to travel is via Lisbon with TAP (Air Portugal), which flies daily to Sao Vicente with the port of Mindelo. A pre-stay on Cape Verde is also worthwhile, especially if you want to explore Santo Antão on foot.

WIND & Weather

Cape Verde offers pleasant sailing weather all year round with constant trade winds. At 25°C to 28°C, these usually blow from a north-easterly direction and ensure stable conditions at sea. Occasional rain showers can occur in the winter months, but these do not affect the overall warm temperatures.


Boa Vista impresses with its endless white sandy beaches and impressive dunes. The island attracts nature lovers who want to explore the nesting sites of the sea turtles and the diverse birdlife. Similarly, the island of Sal is known for its famous Santa Maria beach. It is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, especially surfers and divers, who appreciate the clear waters and diverse underwater world. Sal offers not only maritime adventures, but also a lively culture and a relaxed atmosphere.

São Vicente, one of Cape Verde’s cultural gems, attracts visitors with its lively music scene and colorful festivals. The capital Mindelo is a cultural center, while the natural beauty of the island is underlined by rugged coastlines and imposing valleys. Santo Antão impresses with its lush valleys, steep mountain ridges and picturesque villages. The island is a hiker’s paradise, with breathtaking trails along the mountain landscape – ideal for nature lovers who want to explore the island’s impressive flora and fauna.

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