Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage


The Saronic Gulf between the Corinth Canal, Attica and the Peloponnese is one of the most popular sailing areas in Greece. You are well protected from the Meltemi winds, which are often very strong in summer. With Poros, Hydra and Aegina, three of the most beautiful Greek islands await you, with the ancient theater of Epidauros one of the best preserved ancient theaters in Greece.

Arrival & Departure

The trips along the Peloponnese start in Athens or Nafplio. For both locations, you travel via Athens Airport, which is served several times a week.

WIND & Weather

The Saronic Gulf is located in the subtropical climate zone, which provides predominantly warm and dry air. The northerly daytime wind often turns to a somewhat stronger, southerly breeze in the afternoon, which dies down again at sunset.

Routing details

Another special island awaits you with Hydra. A narrow, long, barren rocky ridge, which in the 18. and The town flourished in the 19th century through trade and shipbuilding. Only in the In the 20th century, vacationers restored the old houses, the old townscape was preserved and the entire island is car-free. Many writers and painters have lived here, and Leonard Cohen was inspired to write some of his most famous songs and poems on Hydra.

Aegina – The second largest of the Saronic Islands was already strategically important and economically very successful in ancient times. The biggest attraction is the Temple of Aphaia, one of the best-preserved Doric temples in the country.
On the way back to Piraeus, you will sail past the island of Salamis, the site of the famous naval battle in 480 BC, in which the Greeks defeated the attacking Persians and thus averted the Persian threat to the Aegean.


Sailing trip in the Peloponnese and the western Cyclades

Sailing Yacht Journey

Sailing trip in the Peloponnese and the western Cyclades

Sailing Yacht Journey

Theme trip to the Peloponnese

Theme Journey

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