Cruise report Cyclades

Cruise report The Cyclades Snow-white houses, blue domes and shining little chapels. Barren hills, bizarre rocks, sandy niches and deep blue as far as the eye can see – this is the backdrop that surrounds you on a sailing trip in the island world of the Greek Cyclades. Around 50 islets belong to this group […]

The sail types

Sail types Ketches & Schooners Ketches and schooners were originally used as transport, fishing and connecting ships, for example along the American east coast (Newfoundland schooners / ketches) and in the Caribbean as Bermuda schooners / ketches.Schooners and ketches only carry staysails that are moored parallel to the hull. They can therefore sail very well […]

The genesis

From the idea to implementation the genesis The origins of SAILING-CLASSICS are rooted in a defining moment in 2001 during a visit to the Voiles de St. Tropez, then known as Nioulargue. Andreas Steidle-Sailer (founder of this unique sailing concept), a passionate sailor since childhood and a particular fan of classic yachts, experienced the newly […]

Sailing vacation – sustainable travel

Sailing vacation the sustainable way to travel In a world that is increasingly facing the challenges of climate change and environmental pollution, sustainable travel is becoming more and more important. One option that combines both a sense of adventure and environmental awareness is a vacation on a sailing boat. So why is a sailing vacation […]

Strait of Gibraltar adventure

An unforgettable adventure. Whales and dolphins in the Strait of gibraltar The Strait of Gibraltar, a majestic water passage between Spain and Morocco, is much more than just a sea route. It is a living ecosystem that is home to an abundance of marine life all year round. From mighty whales to playful dolphins, the […]

Early booking Caribbean

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