Sailing trips Dodecanese

Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage Greece: Dodecanese Experience the sailing area of the Dodecanese from Kos with the KAIRÓS. Discover the breathtaking beauty of this archipelago, from the sun-drenched beaches of Rhodes to the spiritual treasures of Patmos. Enjoy sailing in the clear blue waters of the Aegean and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere […]

Sailing trip Martinique | Explore the Caribbean on a large luxury yacht

Sailing trip Martinique Sailing in the Caribbean | Martinique – Guadeloupe – Dominica The French island (Departement d’outre mer) Martinique is the most populated of the Lesser Antilles and Fort de France is also the only major city. To the south lies the idyllic bay of Le Marin with its many beautiful beaches and luxury […]


Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage AMALFI COAST & GULF OF NAPLES The coastline along the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius, the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida is one of the most beautiful things Italy has to offer. You can admire the small villages built in the narrowest of spaces, which drop […]

Atlantic crossing

Sailing-Classics Atlantic Voyages Atlantic crossing Crossing the Atlantic with SAILING-CLASSICS promises the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. On board large, safe yachts, accompanied by a professional crew, you can immerse yourself in the endless expanse of the ocean, far away from cell phone reception and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The glitter of […]

Canary Islands – Tenerife

Sailing-Classics Atlantic Voyages Canary Islands – Tenerife The sailing area of the Canary Islands, especially against the backdrop of Tenerife, offers sailors a fascinating adventure. The constant trade winds, mild temperatures and the impressive coastal landscape create ideal conditions for unforgettable cruises. From Tenerife, you can explore the diverse coastline, pass majestic cliffs and head […]

Sicily & Lipari Islands

Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage SICILY & LIPARI ISLANDS The Aeolian Islands have seven different islets: in Vulcano, the sulphur springs bubble right next to the harbor, volcanic glass is mined on Lipari and Panarea is the VIP island with its pretty hidden villas. In contrast to this are the sleepy islets of Filicudi and Alicudi. Salina […]

Sicily & Egadi Islands

Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage SICILY & AEGADIAN ISLANDS The three Egadi islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo lie off the west coast of Sicily.Although not as famous as the dramatic, volcanic Aeolian Islands or as chic and exclusive as Capri, these Sicilian islands exude a laid-back charm all of their own. Arrival & Departure You can […]

Sardinia – Corsica

Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage SARDINIA – CORSICA Sardinia and the wildly romantic and exclusive Costa Smeralda with its turquoise waters, bays and incredible rock formations, the La Maddalena archipelago, the coast and bays around Bonifacio/South Corsica and above all the spectacular harbor entrance to Bonifacio are the dream destination in the Mediterranean Sea. With our favorite […]


Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage PELOPONNES The Saronic Gulf between the Corinth Canal, Attica and the Peloponnese is one of the most popular sailing areas in Greece. You are well protected from the Meltemi winds, which are often very strong in summer. With Poros, Hydra and Aegina, three of the most beautiful Greek islands await you, with […]

Malta, Comino & Gozo

Sailing-Classics Mediterranean Voyage MALTA, COMINO & GOZO Sailing into the Grand Harbour of Valletta, the capital of Malta, is one of the most impressive experiences in the Mediterranean Sea. The fortress of Valletta on a headland between two harbors, built as a bulwark against the Ottoman Empire and for more than 250 years the seat […]

Summer specials

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